RoadLoc Accepted for use with TAU-M Crash Cushion

RoadLoc now accepted for use with TAU-M Crash Cushion:

Innovative solutions always excite us, and when they are related to public safety, the excitement amplifies.  That’s why we are excited to announce that RoadLoc, the removable, reusable epoxy anchor for temporary crash cushion and barrier installation, is now accepted for use with TAU-M crash cushion.  This revolutionary solution eliminates the need for pre-coating, reduces installation and removal time, and is compatible with any epoxy chemical.

1) What is RoadLoc?

RoadLoc is an epoxy anchor that is designed to be used in both asphalt and concrete road surfaces.  It is used to install temporary barriers and crash cushions, providing a quick and efficient solution for road projects.  The ease of use and versatility of RoadLoc make it a top choice for traffic engineers and road construction crews.

2) How does RoadLoc work?

RoadLoc is a removable epoxy anchor system that requires no pre-coating before installation.  It can be used in both asphalt and concrete road surfaces.  The hole for installation can be drilled, cleaned, and filled in less than five minutes, resulting in a quick and efficient installation process.

Removal requires only a battery operated impact driver.

3) Why is RoadLoc an essential tool for engineers?

RoadLoc is an innovative epoxy anchor that has revolutionized the installation of temporary barriers and crash cushions.  The RoadLoc system is versatile, easy to install, and compatible with any epoxy product.  It eliminates the need for pre-coating, reducing application time and saving time and money.

RoadLoc’s compatibility with TAU-M crash cushion provides a breakthrough solution for temporary barrier installation for traffic engineers, contractors, and road construction crews.  The system eliminates the need for pre-coating, reduces application time, and is a reliable solution for the temporary road barriers.  By using RoadLoc with TAU-M crash cushion, the installation process becomes more efficient, and more cost-effective.  We’re thrilled to bring this new development to our customers and look forward to supporting their projects in any way we can.

Please contact us for more information about how RoadLoc can assist your construction project.

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