Proper Hole Preparation ensures Proper Anchor Performance

It is of utmost importance to follow the drilled hole preparation for using epoxy anchors. Failure to do so could lead to a variety of issues, such as a decrease in load capacity and also bond failure. Drilled holes must be free from dust and debris, as well as being the correct size and shape specified by the anchor manufacturer. If recommended by the epoxy manufacturer, vacuum cleaning should take place prior to installation of the epoxy anchor. It is essential for all installation parameters to be followed precisely in order to ensure optimal performance of Epoxy Anchors.

RoadLoc is proud to recommend the use of Hilti Epoxies when using RoadLoc for temporary barriers and crash cushions. Hilti Epoxy Anchors are specifically designed for anchoring in concrete, masonry, and natural stone, and have been used for compliance crash testing for many types of temporary barriers and crash cushions anchored in asphalt road surfaces. The epoxy anchor system offers a reliable connection between the anchor body and the substrate. This ensures maximum loads can be achieved even in dynamic applications such as vehicle impacts.

The importance of properly cleaning drilled holes before using Epoxy Anchors cannot be overstated. Properly prepared holes ensure that the Epoxy Anchors are able to achieve the required load capacity. Hilti’s video provides an excellent demonstration of the value of proper hole preparation.

When using RoadLoc for temporary barriers or crash cushions, we highly recommend Hilti Epoxies due to their reliability even when used in dynamic applications such as vehicle impacts. With proper hole preparation and the use of high-quality Epoxy like Hilti’s in conjunction with RoadLoc, you can rest assured that your product will perform as expected.

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