Anchor it now, move it later

RoadLoc’s removable and reusable anchors are designed to provide durability you can depend on whenever and wherever you need it

Get to work with RoadLoc

Our core mission
Ease, flexibility and cost-saving potential com standard with removable and reusable anchors. Our products are commonly used in industries where barriers, signs, and other temporary structures need to be installed for a time and eventually moved.

Road Construction

Our road anchors have been static tested for tensile and shear strength in concrete and asphalt and dynamic tested for crash cushions and barriers.
Our anchors are approved and compatible with many road barrier manufacturers

Shoring & Propping

Anchor heavy-duty structures for strength and stability while you need it.

Airport Security

RoadLoc anchors can be installed, removed and reused again and again for ultimate flexibility.

Event Security

Temporarily anchor then easily remove safety structures when needed.

 Find the anchor you need

Our tested and approved anchors come in a variety of standard sizes ready for any job.

See for yourself

RoadLoc is easily removable with no power tools required – Hand tools only

Removing RoadLoc anchors are fast and convient giving you time and $ back in your day. 

RoadLoc at work