RoadLoc anchors are boosting Safe Direction barrier performance

More than just guardrail manufacturers, Safe Direction is a road safety expert dedicated to protecting Australians on every road, bridge, and car park. Their range of MASH-compliant safety barriers is engineered and rigorously crash-tested for your peace of mind. And every RoadLoc’s reusable anchor reinforcing their barriers helps them create a safer world.
About Safe Direction

Australia's Leading Manufacturer of Guardrails & Road Safety Barriers​

Safe Direction® is an Australian-owned manufacturer renowned for its engineering expertise and commitment to rigorous crash testing. Our focus on research and pursuing new product developments sets us apart as Australia’s first choice for fully compliant safety solutions.

With Roadloc, they are building safer infrastructure with exceptional performance

By integrating RoadLoc’s removable and reusable anchors with their MASH-compliant temporary barriers. They’ve reached new levels of efficiency, cost-savings, and sustainability – all while maintaining the superior safety standards their customers expect.

Setting New Benchmarks in Barrier Performance With Safe Direction

RoadLoc’s removable & reusable anchors reinforce the tensile strength of barriers, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. And with Safe Direction’s safety products, it even beat expectations
20% Faster and removable
RoadLoc’s quick installation process significantly reduced the time needed to set up and remove temporary barriers
Reducing waste and costs
RoadLoc anchors eliminate the time-consuming and expensive need to reinstate the larger hole left by wasteful single-use threaded rods.
Immediate redeployment

Roadloc anchors require no cleaning and can be used immediately for redeployment in an overnight lane shift.

Roadloc’s anchors are compatible with anything that needs to be anchored to asphalt and concrete surfaces and then removed; barriers, crash cushions, shoring & propping, etc.

What Safe Direction has to say

 “RoadLoc anchors have been a game-changer for our barrier performance and our customers barrier deployment operations. They’ve significantly improved our deployment speed and reduced overall costs. Now we can offer our clients a more sustainable and efficient solution.” 

Russell Hood

Director of Safe Barriers

Roadloc anchors at work with Safe Direction

RoadLoc anchors can easily be removed using only hand tools—no power tools required.
Remove RoadLoc anchors in less than 10 seconds using a battery-powered impact driver.

Enhance the efficiency of your temporary road safety solutions with RoadLoc. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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