RoadLoc anchors are boosting Safe Barrier’s Defender Barrier performance.

The partnership between RoadLoc and Safe Barriers is transforming road and work-zone safety across the industry. Using Roadloc’s durable and reusable anchors with the Defender Barrier solutions to deliver unmatched efficiency, safety, and cost & time savings.

About Safe Barriers

Safe Barriers is a leading supplier of reliable and durable temporary barrier solutions. They are trusted by top construction companies to deliver crash tested road safety products. To keep crews and motorists safe during construction by redirecting traffic and positive protection against crashes into the workzone.

Build Trust and Exceed Expectations with Roadloc Anchor & Safe Barrier

Just as construction crews trust Safe Barriers for work-zone protection. Safe Barriers trusts Roadloc reusable anchors to keep these protective barriers efficient and anchored in place. While saving money long-term, by using the capital wasted on single-use anchors into investments that actually lead to growth.

Enhancing Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability with Safe Barriers

RoadLoc’s removable & reusable anchors aims to provide barriers with the anchoring needed to ensure safety always, while ensuring efficiency, and reducing waste. And with Safe Barriers’ temporary road safety products, it even beat expectations.
20% Faster Deployment, Barrier Shifts & Barrier Removal
RoadLoc’s quick installation process significantly reduced the time needed to set up and remove temporary barriers
15% Cost Reduction
Reusable anchors eliminated single-use material waste, leading to substantial cost savings for Safe Barriers
Lower Barrier Deflection
RoadLoc anchors have reduced the deflection of Defender Barrier to as low as 5”
Reducing waste and costs
RoadLoc anchors eliminate the time-consuming, wasteful, and expensive need to reinstate the larger hole left by cored out threaded rods. 

What Safe Barriers have to say

 “RoadLoc anchors have been a game-changer for our barrier performance and our customers barrier deployment operations. They’ve significantly improved our deployment speed and reduced overall costs. Now we can offer our clients a more sustainable and efficient solution.” 

Russell Hood

Director of Safe Barriers

Fast and simple removal

RoadLoc anchors can easily be removed using only hand tools—no power tools required.
Remove RoadLoc anchors in less than 10 seconds using a battery-powered impact driver.

Enhance the efficiency of your temporary road safety solutions with Roadloc. Contact us today to get a custom quote.