RoadLoc anchors And RoadBlock Solutions Delivering Innovative Solutions for Safer Roads

The BarrierGuard 800® is a highly effective, rapidly deployable portable steel barrier that has provided robust protection for road users worldwide for over 30 years. When secured with RoadLoc reusable anchors – you get stregth, versatility & cost effective protection over and over again. Initially implemented in the UK to safeguard road work crews, its application expanded to Australia and North America, receiving NCHRP 350 eligibility in 2004.

Professional Partnerships

Reasons We Partner With BarrierGuard 800®

  • Crash tested in accordance with MASH-16 standards.
  • Lightweight design significantly reduces the dead load on structures compared to traditional concrete barriers.
  • Durable construction withstands impacts without requiring replacement, with an expected lifespan of 25 years.
  • Made from 100% recyclable steel, ensuring a maintenance-free solution.
  • Quickmount connectors enable rapid installation and removal.
  • Compatible with all industry-standard crash cushions.
  • Wheel kits available for enhanced mobility.
    Security fencing options available.

Build Trust and Exceed Expectations with Roadloc Anchor & RoadBlock Solutions

RoadBlock Solutions is a premier provider and distributor of cutting-edge safety products designed to ensure the safety of roads, work zones, and people. By transforming capital previously spent on single-use anchors into investments, we enhance efficiency and reduce long-term costs, fostering growth and development.

Enhancing Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability with RoadBlock

RoadLoc’s removable & reusable anchors reinforce the tensile strength of barriers, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. And with RoadBlock’s BarrierGuard 800® temporary road safety barrier, it went above and beyond expectations to build a formitable partnership.

20% Faster Deployment, Barrier Shifts & Highway Care Barrier Removal

RoadLoc’s streamlined installation process significantly reduces the time required to set up and remove temporary barriers.

Reducing waste and costs

Reusable anchors have eliminated single-use material waste, resulting in substantial cost savings for Road Block Solutions.

Immediate redeployment

RoadLoc anchors require no cleaning and can be used immediately for redeployment in an overnight lane shift.


RoadLoc anchors eliminate the time-consuming, wasteful, and costly need to restore the larger holes left by cored-out threaded rods.

What Safe Barriers have to say

 “RoadLoc anchors have been a game-changer for our barrier performance and our customers barrier deployment operations. They’ve significantly improved our deployment speed and reduced overall costs. Now we can offer our clients a more sustainable and efficient solution.” 

Russell Hood

Director of Safe Barriers

Roadloc anchors work with RoadBlock Solutions BarrierGuard 800®

RoadLoc anchors can easily be removed using only hand tools—no power tools required.
Remove RoadLoc anchors in less than 10 seconds using a battery-powered impact driver.

Enhance the efficiency of your temporary road safety solutions with Roadloc. Contact us today for a customized quote.

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