Reliable. Removable. Reusable Road Barrier Anchors.

RoadLoc’s innovative anchors are easy to remove, designed to be reused, and tested for durability you can depend on again and again. Our road anchors are compatible with: 

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Durability meets sustainability

Strength & Versatility
RoadLoc anchors are specifically designed to provide dependable strength while supporting simple removal and reinstallation. Save time and money with products that are easy to use and reuse.
Use any Epoxy or Resin
RoadLoc anchors can be installed with any epoxy, which means you can forget about shelf life and focus on lowering your material costs.
No pre-coating required
While other anchoring solutions require a pre-coating, RoadLoc products are ready to go straight out of the box.
Remove in seconds
Our anchors can be quickly removed with hand tools or a battery-powered impact driver. No on-site power generation required.
Reinstall without cleaning
RoadLoc anchors don’t require any cleaning before they’re used again, helping you move from one job site to the next as efficiently as possible

Safety and strength made simple

Our core mission
The core mission for Safe Barriers is to develop new crash tested road safety products that provide value solutions to the road construction industry to solve road safety related issues.
RoadLoc replaces the traditional threaded rod with removable and reusable anchors that can be used with any epoxy without pre-coating or cleaning. Use them to install temporary road barriers, crash cushions, impact attenuators, shoring and propping, security barriers, and more to asphalt or concrete surfaces—then simply remove them and use them again at your next job site.

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RoadLoc is easily removable with no power tools required – Hand tools only

Removing RoadLoc anchors are fast and convient giving you time and $ back in your day. 

RoadLoc at work

Compatible with all major road barriers

Our innovative anchors have been rigorously tested to ensure superior tensile strength and are compatible with these road barrier providers:
  • Power tools not required to remove
  • Coring of road not required to remove
  • Cleaning not required to re-use
  • Tensile and Shear Tested in Independent ISO Certified Laboratory
  • Testing conducted in comparison with Threaded Rod proves higher Tensile strength and equivalent Shear strength

What’s happening with RoadLoc

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